Summer at BMC

Sun-soaked postcards from Bryn Mawr College

A Postcard From: Lyntana Brougham ’16

Lyntana_Brougham1Name: Lyntana Brougham

Year: 2016

Major: Biology and English (double major)

What’s happening? We’d love to hear how your internship is going! I have had an amazing summer experience! I’ve been working in Dr. Mozdzer’s lab with Phragmites, an invasive reed. We are comparing the growth and success of four different genotypes under elevated levels of CO2 and/or Nitrogen. It has been a lot of hard work and long hours, but it has been a rewarding experience to visually see the differences in the plants and to analyze it in the data. Also, in our spare time I was able to visit and help collect data from 2 different field sites outside of PA. It was a pleasure to gain the experience of data collection in the field in addition to the greenhouse.

How I heard about my internship: I received an email from Dr. Mozdzer, my major adviser and the professor of two classes I had taken, asking if I’d like to do research in his lab over the summer.

Lyntana_Brougham2Why I applied for my internship: I had been looking for an on campus job for over the summer for several weeks when I received the mentioned email. My main goal for this summer was to explore one of my many career-related interests, and ecology was definitely high on that list. Working in Dr. Mozdzer’s lab seemed like the perfect opportunity to gain lab experience and get to know myself and my interests a little bit better.


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