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Alicia Ramirez ’15: I Am Excited To Share This New Proposal Entitled…

alicia_ramirezSince I started working at the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, I was told that I would get to work on pitch letters once proposals were ready to be sent out. It seemed like such a long time ago but the moment has finally arrived. Pitch letters are sent with a proposal plus sample chapters so that editors can decide if they want to publish it. Lucky for me, I have read and offered feedback on proposals in various stages, and am proud of the final product. Editors have little time on their hands so they need to be mesmerized quickly. Authors and agents work on perfecting proposals for weeks, even months at a time. By the time pitch letters are sent out, it is out of their hands.

Bittersweet. Right?

On that note, these pitch letters are my last assignment before wrapping up my internship. Although I will not be present when the letters get sent out, I am hoping to hear great news. I still cannot believe it’s been three months since I left Bryn Mawr for New York City. It has been a fantastic, life-changing summer at the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency. I have grown tremendously and am thankful for all the mentorship I have been given.

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